A story of how i got cheated by Swami Rajneesh, story taken from another website. - Vinod Singh, India

This story is taken from another website.



I have meet to Swami Rajneesh in Dec 2009 when he was taking camp in Kuchwada and beraghat (Madhya Pradesh). Before meet to Swami Rajneesh, i have attend many camps and Pune ashram in India. As i saw lot of materials and post and websites on Internet about Swami Rajneesh. So i feel to attend his camp in India. when i watch him first time i find that his way of talking, movement of hands and his actions are like OSHO. i didn’t let to go my mind to think about that. In his discourse i came to know that he is against to Pune Ashram. when he started to talk about Pune ashram i find him more aggressive and angry. i have also read his book Tears of the Mystic Rose. As i came to know that Swami Rajneesh is a son of Bollywood actress Vimi. that time i forget to think about that Swami Rajneesh must has inherited zins of acting from his mother.

As i feel that he a devotee sanyasi of OSHO and doing work for OSHO as Free. i started to trust on him.  finally after finish his camp i came back to my job. I was doing job in Dubai as software engineer.

After few days i got a email of Swami Rajneesh. he just send me love on email. that i feel good as Swami Rajneesh gave me his attention. so i come to feel blindly trust on him.

After few month in 9-June-2010 i received a email from Swami Rajneesh about a OSHO COCOM GOA Project. Later I saw advertised his OSHO COCOM GOA project on his website www.oshococom.com and facebook social media in June 2010. then i have asked him details about OSHO COCOM GOA Project. he sent me details of your OSHO COCOM GOA project on my email id from his email id rajneesh@oshorajneesh.net in 9-June-2010. then i have asked him about cost and booking procedure of a cottage in OSHO COCOM GOA. He have replied me from his email id swamirajneesh@gmail.com that the total cost of a cottage is 7,77,000 INR. booking amount is 1,00,000 INR and maximum payments can be accepted until December 2010 as cottage will be ready by march April 2011.

That time i have something 2.5 lakh in my account that was my total saving of 3 years job. So i was not sure about to arrange a hug amount 7,77,000 rupees to buy a cottage. therefore I just asked to Swami Rajneesh “what will happen after booking if i couldn’t pay balance 677,000 rupees by 10 October?” he didn’t reply me about what i asked him. so i ignore booking of a cottage in OSHO COCOM GOA project.

After few days in 25-July-2010, Swami Rajneesh sent me a reminder on email about cottage booking. he told me that only 20 cottage are remaining all cottage are fully sold out soon. so i feel to book a cottage. i asked him how to transfer booking amount. he provided me following details of his bank account to deposit the booking amount and balance payment of a cottage in OSHO COCOM GOA project-

Account Number   000501619392

Account Name      Rajnish Agarwal

Bank / Branch       ICICI Bank Ltd., Pune, Bund garden road branch

i made the booking by net banking transfer 1,00,000 rupees in his account in 4-Aug-2010. he has confirm me my booking by received 1,00,000 rupees. after that he has started to ask me for deposit balance payments of cottage in 27-Sep-2010. that time i was not getting salary from my company and my 3 months salary got pending. another side i was getting pressure from swami rajneesh to pay balance amount of cottage. i have asked Swami Rajneesh to sent me papers about booking so i can get some bank loan to pay balance amount of cottage. but he replied me that right now he can not help me with any kind of paper. i also come to asked to my many friend to help me but i could not get help from any one in the matter of money. then i decided to borrow some money from private load. i took money on interest as private loan in dubai and later i also got my pending salary. so finally i deposit in few installments of balance payment 6,77,000 rupees of my cottage in his account by net banking transfer on date 30-May-2011. In his reply he confirmed me that my cottage is now fully paid.

In Nov-2011, i got a email from swami rajneesh that A New COCOM project is also going to start in MEXICO. so he offer me to choose a cottage in mexico project. i was not financially strong to move mexico. so i told him that i want a cottage in goa project. swami rajneesh gave me hope that both goa and mexico project will be come to complete.

As i have blindly trust on swami rajneesh. so i never let to come any doubt in mind regarding construction of cottage like which cottage i will get and when i come to stay in my cottage.

During these all process, i was in dubai on my job. so i have all communication with swami rajneesh through email and made the payment through my internet banking.

Finally i came back from Dubai to India in Jan-2012. and i started inquiry about construction status of my cottage. i was socked when i come to know from one of old osho sanyasin from Baroda that osho cocom goa project has failed. it is no more moving. and swami rajneesh has move to mexico.

i was surprise that why he didn’t inform me about all information about OSHO COCOM GOA project that i come to know from other osho friends in India.  My heart was not getting believed on that whatever is going to happen with me. As I got the confirm information that OSHO COCOM Goa project is no more going to develop.

Then i started to ask Swami Rajneesh for refund my 7,77,000 rupees in March-2012. i also come to in contact with one of osho sanyasin Bharat Agarwal from surat. he has also booked the cottage in osho cocom goa project with partnership Mr. Navin by paying 4,88,500 INR.

As slowly-2 i started for refund my money. Swami Rajneesh started to show his real face…………

As per my past email conversation with Swami Rajneesh.
1. He is not giving me a date to refund my money.
2. He have no money to refund.

  1. I told him that if he will not refund my money then I will take help of police. Then he has told me that he will not refund my money and he has threat to me to go court to prove it. Then I told him that I have no intention to fight with you. Because i was not feeling to misguide the name of beloved OSHO by taking this issue in court and in public. So I decide to wait more for refund my money from him.

On asking refund my money from him, he has also started lie to me.

  1.  First he lie to me about cheque of 3 lakh that he promise me to refund. But it was story to make me fool [soon I will post its conversation]
  2. He told me that he is coming to India in July-2012. But later I come to come that he has already came india in June-2012and silencely return back to mexico. [soon I will post its conversation]
  3. He told me that He has got the permission to building OSHO COCOM GOA Project. But later he advertize a post on interent to sale out the land of goa project. [soon I will post its conversation]
  4. He told to refund money in November-December 2012. till that time I have wait.
  5. He told to refund money in March-2013. till that time I have wait.

This is clear that Swami Rajneesh has fraud with me as he took full payment 7,77,000 rupees of a cottage from me without getting NOC and any licenses for the osho cocom goa project. Even i have asked him about his following details-

  1. His residence address and phone number in Mexico
    2. His residence address, phone number in India.
  2. His team details (name, address, phone no.) who are handling osho cocom goa project in India.

but he didn’t gave me these information.

Now it is June 2013 means more than 2 years has passed but Swami Rajneesh didn’t refund my money.

Then I have started posting on facebook to aware other osho friends about such fraud of Swami Rajneesh.  Many osho friends started to like and comments on my post. Swami Rajneesh got afraid by my action and I got the life threat and warning from one of his follower Alexander Voroshilov from Russia through on facebook. [soon I will post it on this blog]

Finally Rajnish Agarwal / Osho Disciple Swami Rajneesh / Now Ozen Rajneesh says,
“if you want your money back go to the court and prove it that I have any money from you” !!!!

As I blindly trust on Swami Rajneesh. I never use my mind to raise a fingure on him. But when my eyes open and I come out from blind trust. I got lot of questions and doubte in my mind.

In which I have a very simple question-

“Why Swami Rajneesh took full payment 7,77,000 rupees from me of a cottage without getting NOC and any licenses for the OSHO COCOM GOA project ?”

Thank you to give your time to read it

I just hope that you will be aware from such OSHO disciple who has claim to self a Budha, a Enlighten in his own book “Tears of the Mystic Rose”. And please also let to aware to other OSHO friends about Swami Rajneesh

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