We dedicate this website to Michael Naut and to his mother, Liubov. God bless you both. Please donate to help me find out the truth about Michael Gerard also known as Michael Naut at

This website was created with the intention of spreading the truth about Rajnish Agarwal (aka Swami Rajneesh and Ozen Rajneesh). Ozen Rajneesh created an Ashram in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico in 2011. Over the past 6 years, he has had about 100 different people living there. In this time period, Ozen Rajneesh:

1) has allegedly defrauded people out of their monies for property on the land

2) has allegedly sexually assaulted and threatened young women

3) has allegedly kept people at the commune against their will until they were able to escape

4) has allegedly conspired with the Mexican authorities in immigration fraud

5) has allegedly lied and had others lie on his behalf about the disappearance of Michael Naut and ordered the destruction of all his belongings, including his passport, cell phone, and other belongings because he didn’t want negative publicity about his commune.

The overall purpose of this website is to help the people who are currently living with Ozen Rajneesh to come to realize that he is a dangerous fake guru and for other people too, who may be interested in the commune, to beware of what has had happened at the commune and what is currently happening there under his master web of deceit, fraud and lies. To this end, we want justice for the alleged crimes committed by Ozen Rajneesh against his victims as well for some of his followers who have assisted him in these crimes.

You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know. The collaborators of this website refuse to look the other way or to be silenced. Please join us if you have a story to tell. The truth shall prevail about Ozen Rajneesh and the dangerous cult he has created in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

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