Working on Behalf of a Fake Guru from 2008 to 2014 (Web Design, Taxes, and Administrative Duties). - Ishwara Verkerk, Netherlands

Working on Behalf of a Fake Guru from 2008 to 2014

By Ishwara

These are my personal experiences with a Fake Guru, aka rajneesh, aka oshorajneesh, aka ozen rajneesh. His real name is Rajnish Agarwal.  

I experienced the hard way. Rajnish Agarwal is a Fake; a self-proclaimed enlightened being, a want to be guru. I never heard any real teaching or guidance from him in the significant amount of time I worked on his behalf. Sadly, as a “believer” in him, I was blind for six years, unable to see fully what a manipulator, liar, cheat and egotistical fraud that he had been and still is.

From 2008 until 2014, I was the Fraud’s helper in taxes, internet web design and other technical and administrative duties. My statement is not against this Fake guru so much as it is a warning to others. It’s not possible to view him as a caring human being. In this statement, it is my intention to warn people what he really is like. He has internationally defrauded people of their monies in their hope of having property first Goa, India and then in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and living in a spiritual community. It is my understanding as well he uses “mind control” to subjugate people to his will. Fortunately, light energy is more powerful than his dark energy and his days of defrauding, sexual assault of young women, and mind control will come to an end. The light energy has reached a critical mass and many others will see him as he truly is.

In the spring of 2008, I was invited to Fake’s temporary residence in Pune, India with some friends. We believed he was something special, and he wanted us to believe he was the successor of Osho, the late Indian guru formerly known as Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh (11 December 1931 – January 1990). During this time, it felt really great to be with him. It is so easy to fool people, as I now see after years of working for him and living with him at times. Several times he was at our places in Pune, India for weeks at a time never paying a dime to live and eat with us.

While in Pune, India, in 2008, I met two lovely women, Mini Jung, the Fake’s lover at that time, and Ma Anand Soma his personal secretary. We also met some other good people who ultimately terminated their relationship with the Fake, after a couple of years because of his misconduct, dominance and control. Nowadays many of us call him ‘the Fake” because he is pretending that he is Osho, an Enlightened being, a special Master.

In the Fake’s 3 weeks stay in Pune, India with my friend Prem and I, we helped him plan his first ashram in Goa, India, and to spread news to the world that he is the Osho-successor. After returning home from Pune, India, Prem daily received many phone calls from the Fake, demanding him what to do. He became very irritated and fed up and ended his relationship with him. I took over his workload on top of what I was already doing; I did a lot of internet web design with another guy, Amit, and I repaired the Fake’s laptops, bought laptops for him etc. My house became filled with his books, malas, promotional stuff and his dark energy. It did not matter to him what my time constraints and workload were, he demanded his work be done. There was no working together as friends, while I did official work for him, including taxes. He began to tell me how special I was to him, and that felt nice. Later I discovered he only used me and I was only special to the extent that I did free work on his behalf.

I was with the Fake when he started preparing videos for YouTube. Mini and I made videos and pictures for public relations to promote him. I often heard and felt how he hated the old Osho people like Swami Amrito and his friends as well as how he enjoyed writing hostile emails to Osho-sannyasins who questioned his egotistical behavior and claims. This seemed very strange to me, but people around him told me that it was okay because “he is an enlightened being” and he is “acting like Osho did’. All lies; I found out the hard way.

One day in 2010, sitting in our garden, he was advocating the practice of black magic with a very loud voice. He said it was a great and good thing to use as a means to manipulate people. Nobody was allowed to speak against his standpoint. We were bewildered. I and others eventually found out he is not able to discuss ideas as friends, but we continued to stay with him as “blind followers.” As a trick of the mind, maybe we were waiting for that great ‘gift’ that only an enlightened one will give you? What a lie! Nobody can give you what you already have and are!

While I worked for the Fake from spring 2008 until August 2014, keeping his websites working, organizing a Dutch Foundation in his name, manage taxes and other duties, he was in continued conflict with Osho international attorneys. They were even threatening to me because I was working on his behalf. Many times I had to move his websites from one server to another in an offshore country. That was all fine because I erroneously thought the Fake was an enlightened being.

He was in deep financial conflict with his former partners, always about big money they stole from him. I never heard that he won a case against any of them. I recall in 2011 when he had a heart attack; there was no money for the hospital services he received in Mexico. His very wealthy family members, even his sister so rich with diamonds and gold never sent him money. None of his so called friends send him money! We, as a group of friends did, as poor as we were. I borrowed €300 on his behalf. He promised to pay me and others back. Until this day nobody received a penny back from him. At the end of this story you may understand why we are waiting for his stents to fall out of his blood vessels.

My partner at that time and other friends started “donating” the Fake lots of money to build houses for them in the ashram from $25,000 to more. He promised to send them contracts about being owners and having paid the money. He never did. All my friends ended their relations with the Fake because of his fraudulent lies. Always the same story he told, the lie of not having money or now they were his enemy!! There are millions of dollars that he has defrauded people over the years. Even Soma got help from her friends to borrow a lot of money in 2013/2014 on his behalf and told them that they will receive a high interest on their money. I helped to transfer this money. They never received a penny from him. Always same story, “I don’t have money yet.” While buying expensive diamonds and other jewelry for the girls he cons to have sex with him. Living like a rich man with the best apartments, and spending money like there was no tomorrow.

As I mentioned previously, his first Ashram was to be build in Goa, India in 2010. From the money that was given by innocent people to live and have property in the Ashram, he bought land there. He told me, as a friend, I was welcome to come to the Goa ashram for free once it was built in return for all what I have done for him. That sounded great and fair. By the end of that year, the whole idea of Goa ashram was over, people where fighting each other, the government was against him and so on. He found good people in Mexico and he decided to sell Goa and start in Mexico. To this day, we don’t know if he actually sold the property in Goa. Now there are many people who invested in the Ashram in Mexico who will never get the money that they invested from him. People from all over the world, including Russia, United States, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, India, China, Viet Nam and many other countries.

Beware of this fraud and fake, Swami Rajneesh, and his cult commune in Playa Del Carmen.