They overlap the guru of perversion

More than a guru promoting meditation and spirituality, the Hindu Swami Rajneesh, director and owner of the Ozen spiritual retreat and meditation center, five kilometers from Solidarity, is the leader of a disastrous sect, almost as big as that of the pedophile from Cancun. , Jean Succar Kuri, whose maximum purpose is to manipulate the minds of people, mostly European tourists, who come to him in search of a haven of inner peace, obtaining in return a tortuous and narcotizing ordeal, through which this subject satisfies his lowest carnal pleasures, with the women who attend such "retreats", who without their consent, are shown in videos that he uploads to internet sites, said one of the many victims of this individual, who with the help of his relatives , he managed to escape from that hell.

The victim, a citizen of precisely European nationality, who after the abuses perpetrated in his grievance by the aforementioned subject who holds himself as spiritual guide of the eastern meditation technique known as Osho, filed a complaint with the State Attorney's Office, in the municipality of Solidaridad, with the number 09/4862/2017 and seated in the folder 4862, indicates that after having remained in the alleged center of meditation and holistic therapy for almost 21 days, he managed to escape the abuses that Swami Rajneesh perpetrated against him , by persuasion and the supply of doping concoctions. With a choked voice that sometimes let out some sobs, the victim of the alleged spiritual guru, said that it was last May, when through other people he learned of the existence of this place, located in the middle of the jungle a few kilometers from the the federal road that leads to Solidarity, where shortly after arriving, the supposed spiritual guide, began to provide her with an herbal concoction, which supposedly would help her stay relaxed to achieve the peace and inner harmony that she required.

Like her, in the place there were other 24 people who similarly followed the same procedure, which gave Swami Rajneesh the opportunity to influence through persuasion and presumed spirituality, to control their minds, because he told them that they should not concentrate on the environment of the place, but on it, "by assuming itself as a God".

In the same way and using the narcotization that he inflicted on his victims, the supposed spiritual guide, he took advantage to perform orgies and abuse the young and beautiful women who were there.

Not satisfied with this, this depraved subject, who previously made sure that the people who went to their spiritual retreats, lost all contact with the outside world, recorded videos that he later posted on internet sites such as wwww.MYRTHEano, where they appear she and other women, in non-consensual sexual encounters.

The complainant said that it was in a lapse of lucidity that she could realize the inconsistencies of this subject, who tried to force her to sign a document where she agreed to conclude the withdrawal in its 21 days, accepting all the indications that he did.

It was thanks to the intervention of his mother and brother, that the young woman managed to flee the place on July 21 of this year, but not before receiving threats of death and damage to her family by the Hindu degenerate. It was in the face of such great fear that a couple of months passed before the aggrieved decided to denounce what had happened, before what is waiting for the state justice authorities to carry out the corresponding tasks.

It should be noted that this is not the only case of abuse, rape or fraud related to the Ozen spiritual center of Swami Rajneesh, which could be verified through the website, where two videos with informative notes of foreign news, which reports the disappearance of a young man of German origin, disappeared for more than two months, to go to that place, to which negative testimonies of other visitors, who came to Quintana Roo in search of a space where to find spirituality, for those who ask for justice from the Mexican authorities.


It should be noted that this new case of massive sexual abuse in which the perpetrator videotaped the women with whom he had relations, is very similar to the case of the pedophile of Lebanese origin Jean Succar Kuri, who at the beginning of the last decade, with the help of members of the sects "The Perfect", to which the then undersecretary of Previous Inquiries of the State Deputy Attorney General and the director of the social assistance house "La Casita", Patricia Seoane, could have its reach to minors to satisfy their low desires.