The Lies about the “Disappearance” of Michael Gerard and the Cover-up by Rajnish Agrawal - Sri Nirmaldeep Singh Sidhu, India

I was at the Ozen Cocom during the time of the supposed disappearance of Michael Naut aka Michael Gerard. All the residents at the cocom were made to work extremely hard for longer than normal working hours. Michael refused to come out of his room because he was sick three to four days prior to his disappearance. He was repeatedly asked to come out of his room by Luis Da la Costa aka Chinmayo but he did not come out. It is a lie what Rajnish Agrawal, aka Swami Rajneesh, told to the authorities about Michael’s disappearance.

Soon after I heard Michael had disappeared 4 people that I am aware of looked for him in the jungle. Since Chinmayo was the one who directed the work assignments at the commune, he may have directed two of the people to look for Michael, whose names will remain anonymous for the purpose of my statement here. However, because of our deep concern for Michael, I and another person looked for Michael. We went looking for Michael without being told or asking for permission. One person told me that during the early morning hours before we went searching for Michael that the following had occurred: In the middle of the night, this person heard loud footsteps on the pathway in front of the room coming and going from Michael’s room. Before the other person and I went into the jungle searching for Michael, we noticed that the two other people were standing next to a black bag and a bed sheet about 50 to 100 meters from the entrance from the jungle from the main road of the commune. I found this to be very odd. My friend and I then looked for Michael for about an hour in the jungle. It is easy to get lost in the jungle so we needed to be careful.

The same day that the black bag and bed sheet was found a meeting was called and everyone was told by Swami Rajneesh to tell people the lie that Michael went to Tulum and left with a girl because any investigation would jeopardize the survival of the commune, stating that many people had their visas extended illegally and the negative publicity would cause harm to them. The meeting lasted for about an hour. I recall at least one person crying out Michael’s name and Swami Rajneesh was very cold about the so called “disappearance.” At one point in the meeting, Swami Rajneesh said Michael’s belongings needed to be destroyed.

Sri Nirmaldeep Singh Sidhu