Swindled and Defrauded by a Fake Guru Known by Many Names - Mark Bloedjes, Holland

My Statement by Mark Bloedjes

Swindled and Defrauded by a Fake Guru Known by Many Names

My statement consists of two parts. The first part is about how the Fake defrauded me of monies I sent to purchase property, first at the defunct Goa, India, ashram project, and then later for the ashram project in Mexico. I, unfortanutely, trusted this lying fake guru.

In the second part of my statement, I discuss what the day to day living was like with this dictatorial, domineering and heartless man. Please note throughout my statement I call him the Fake, not by the many names he has used for himself, including Swami Rajneesh.

Part 1 – Defrauded of $14,000 by the Fake

I have been back in Holland for some years now, since my first meeting with the Fake. Luckily, I was one of the first who left the Ozen cocom in Mexico. Now, unfortunately, more and more people have become victims to his crimes, and it’s high time to bring everything out in the open on this special website. I first met the Fake in Amsterdam in 2008, not to far from my home country in Holland, and was tipped by somebody that he may be the “real deal.” So I spent some time in a retreat he had there. In 2009, I also participated in his tour of India retreat, and I met a lot of spiritual people from all over the world. At that time in 2009, there were already plans to make an Ashram in Goa, India, but there were a lot of problems with the locals and the goverment so it failed. In 2010, the Fake went to Mexico where he was donated land in the jungle near Playa del Carmen, from a wealthy Mexican family. Accordingly, the new ashram was to be build there.

Because I had fell for the Fake’s vision of an Osho Ashram and his false claims of enlightenment, I began sending him money first for the failed project in Goa, India, and then to Mexico over the next four years. At the end of my statement, I provide supporting documentation of my payments to him over the years as well as communications with him about these transactions. As you will see, the Fake never returned any of my money, and he ultimately wrote I was his enemy. Sadly, I now know that he has done this to many others who had bought property from him.

Part 2 – What it was like to live Under the Control of the Fake

In the years 2010 and 2013, I actually lived at the communual houses in Mexico for several months at a time and sometimes worked on the land, which was like 8 miles from the communal houses. When I came to Mexico the first time, I was told there would be a mystic rose and no mind meditations at a garden space in Playa Del Carmen. However, when I arrived, I was told that it was cancelled. I was very disappointed but I decided to the make the best out of my stay in Mexico.

At that time, they were still busy with all the legal papers for the Mexico ashram, so no construction was happening; they, however, were creating some pathways to the land. Some of us were doing mystic paintings, which took us nearly 4 months to complete after painstaking effort. I remember the Fake saying to me after I had just finished my part of this effort, “it’s good but not the way I would have done it” and he walked away. It seemed like he enjoyed putting others down to feel like he is special, a know it all. I already noticed he was on top of everything, controlling every singe detail of our daily life! For example, he would tell people what to do, even mundane tasks like how to arrange things in our bedrooms. He felt my resistance when I told him I can manage my own room. It just didn’t feel right with me; we are not kids, we can handle things, we have our own minds. But the Fake even wanted to do the thinking for us. Later on, I thought what’s the point of bringing up ideas and discussing things in our communal meetings, since he is doing most of the talking and making all the decisions. In fact, when I did talk sometimes, he would rudely say, “why are you always talking?”

On one occasion, I had terrible pain in my stomach that lasted several days. The communal members who had checked on me witnessed me rolling and tossing in my bed from the pain and later said, ‘it was like there was a demon in you.” Eventually,I had to go to the hospital. When I was finally feeling better and met the Fake on the street in front of the communal house, he asked, “how are you?” I said, “I wanted to die because I had so much pain!” He said, “that’s good, it was a good experience then.” At that moment I could have hit him hard in the face!! Maybe it was his black magic on me because he could not control me; I wasn’t so obedient like the others. There was no way for me to know if this was true or not. I do know he sometimes had mentioned that he used black magic.

The Fake is for sure a very skillled and egotiscial bull shit artist. At our Sunday meetings at his house, where we all went to eat and to hang out, he talked nonstop about the ashram project, about OIF, his enemies, and other ashrams, and even saying his ashram is going to be the best. What felt strange to me was that it was like was also saying, “I am the only one there is, nobody else can save the the sannyas world!” I thought, “come on, there are many beautiful people who can contribute to the sannyas world.” He was very strong in the opinion that he was the only one. Now I know these behaviors, as demonstrated by the Fake, are a sure sign of a cult leader.

Documented evidence of the Fake Defrauding Me