Michael Naut, Germany



August 19, 2016

Mr. Rudolf Bittorf, Honorary Consulate
German Consulate
Cancun, Mexico

Official Statement: Disappearance of German Citizen, Michael Gerard, in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and its Cover-up by Rajnish Agarwal

My name is Anant Akash. I am currently living in San Diego, California. This is my official statement about the disappearance of Michael Gerard. who is a German citizen, age around 27, and the lies and cover-up that occurred shortly after his disappearance under the direction of Rajnish Agarwal’s, also known as Swami Raineesh (a copy of his passport is attached herein). His disappearance occurred sometime between September 6th and September 1Oth, 2015. The specific location of his disappearance is in close proximity to the Ozen Cocom Ashram, near Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The Ashram is located approximately 10 kilometers east, in surrounding jungle area, from the connecting freeway between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen.

Multiple sources, who are residents at the Ashram, informed me that, prior to Mr. Gerard’s disappearance, he went into the jungle with only a bed sheet, not too far from where he was also living as a resident in the Ashram. Although I was a resident of the Ashram off and on for 18 months, I was not there when Mr. Gerard disappeared and was not informed of his disappearance untilApril 2016.

The evidence presented in this letter supports that Mr. Agarwal’s clear intent was to prevent the occunence of an official investigation into Michael Gerard’s disappearance, including the German Consulate, the Mexican Police and other Mexican Government Officials. The evidence will show he did not want any negative focus or media attention on the Ashram being built in the jungle area of Playa Del Carmen as well as on himself. Below is a more complete account of Mr. Gerard’s disappearance and the lies and cover-up that occurred after his disappearance by Mr. Agarwal, including the confiscation and destruction of all his personal belongings, which included his German passport.

Prior to Mr. Gerard’s disappearance, while walking into the jungle and upon being asked, he told a resident of the Ashram that he was going into the jungle to live. Specifically, as he walked in to the jungle, he was carrying only a bed sheet and told this same resident he was going into the jungle to live. Mr. Gerard had been living at the Ashram prior to his disappearance for about 6 or 7 months. lt was known by many of the residents of the Ashram that, including Mr. Aganral, he suffered from depression.

Not too long after Mr. Gerard’s disappearance, in September 2015, his mother
contacted the German Consulate and a formal inquiry was conducted. However, based on the lies that were told to the German Consulate’s representative by Mr. Aganral, who is the head authority of the Ashram, the Consulate’s formal inquiry was likely closed. See web link https : www.facebook.com/ozencocom

Mr. Agarwal told the investigator, based on what several sources revealed to me, that Mr. Gerard went to Tulum, Mexico, with a girlfriend and never returned. Mr. Gerard never went to Tulum with a girlfriend. That was an absolute lie. I was also informed by these same multiple sources, who lived in the Ashram at the time of his disappearance, that Mr. Aganrval waited 2-3 days, after Mr. Gerard’s disappearance, to order a search for him. I was informed he had 10 residents of the Ashram search 3 days for him
throughout the jungle area. lf he had not waited 2-3 days and the police were called to help in the search immediately, Mr. Gerard’s would have had a better chance being found alive in the jungle. Mr. Agarwal knew that Mr. Gerard had serious mental health problems and, therefore, the response time should have been much quicker to search for him.

Prior to, during, or after the German Consulate inquiry, Mr. Gerard’s mother contacted a Russian female friend, who previously lived in the Ashram, and asked her if she knew what had happened to Mr. Gerard, her son. The female friend was told by Mr. Agarwal the same lie he had told the “investigator” with the German Consulate. The female friend later contacted the mother and told her the lie, which she indeed thought was the truth at that time. Sadly, if Mr. Agarwal would have called the police and a search would have occurred on day one of Mr. Gerard’s disappearance, he may have been found alive.

When Mr. Gerard disappeared into the jungle never to be found, at a minimum, he left behind clothes, a German passport, a wallet, and a cell phone at the housing structure he was living in at the Ashram. I was told that all of Mr. Gerard’s belongings, with perhaps the exception of the cell phone, were taken out of the housing structure he lived in and was subsequently destroyed and discarded in a location either inside or outside the Ashram, perhaps at a garbage site in Playa Del Carmen. The confiscation and discarding of Mr. Gerard’s personal belongings likely occurred as a direct result of an order given by Mr. Agarwal.

Further, I was informed that a few other people, who lived in the Ashram, at the time of Mr. Gerard’s disappearance, were told by Mr. Agarwal to lie to the mothe/s friend, ift hey were contacted by her. Additionally, I was told a meeting was held by Mr. Aganra! at the Ashram, upon hearing of a possible investigation by the German Consulate. All the residents at this meeting were told, so t have been informed, not to talk about Mr.Gerard’s disappearance to anyone, that it could have negative consequences for the Ashram. At that point in time, there were no legal permits for the people, who were living on the land in the Ashram, but nearly 30 people did so anyway. Additionally, they were told that there were immigration issues that could pose a serious problem.