My Personal Experiences with a Fake Guru at the Ozen Cocom:Beware of Swami Rajneesh and his Cult in Mexico - Anant Akash, United States

My Personal Experiences with a Fake Guru at the Ozen Cocom:
Beware of Swami Rajneesh and his Cult in Mexico

For individuals who have considered going to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico to the Ozen Cocom, beware!  The well orchestrated hype of an idyllic spiritual community with lots of fanfare, beautiful videos, pictures, and festivals belie what is truly happening beyond and underneath the façade and vision that Rajnish Agarwal also known as Swami Rajneesh has projected. People like me came to the Ozen Cocom to live and celebrate in a place of meditation, love, and with an enlightened guru.

The beautiful vision promised by Mr. Agarwal, a hypocritical, self-proclaimed guru never materialized and people living there have been exploited and used. The actual reality is that the Ozen Cocom is a slave camp under the ironclad control and manipulation of Mr. Agarwal. Respect for individual freedom is nonexistent at the Ozen Cocom. The truth is that the Ozen Cocom is neither a meditation camp, Ashram nor a resort. It is a cult, a slave camp created and maintained under the authority of a highly pathological narcissist.

Many of the 25-30 people still living at Ozen Cocom, unfortunately, are innocent and decent people, but they have fallen under the magnetic, charismatic influence of Mr. Agarwal. They have been unable to see through the façade of this hypocritical, self-proclaimed guru and the treacherous spider webs he has woven. They remain under the spell of his empty promises of enlightenment and of an idyllic spiritual community. Although I had periodic doubts mixed with a level of trust over the years, eventually, I clearly saw him for who he is. Mr. Agarwal has 5000 Facebook friends, but less than 20 “hardcore followers,” who are completely and unquestionably obedient to him and that number continues to shrink.

In 2009, I became friends with Mr. Agarwal on Facebook. I had read his autobiography titled “Tears of the Mystic Rose.” I followed his discussions on various websites and on Facebook about the politics and arguments associated with what remained of the Inner Circle at Osho’s Commune in Pune, India. I was intrigued and attracted to his outspoken concern about what had happened to Osho’s legacy after his death in January 1990.

Upon meeting Mr. Agarwal in 2011 and subsequent interactions with him, it became very clear to me that he was a highly intelligent, gifted, creative, energetic, charismatic, and industrious individual. With the passage of time, however, I became certain of the perspective that he was not only a pathological narcissistic, fake guru, but that he was also a thief, a liar, a con-man, and a sexual predator. It also became clear to me that his primary motivation in life is to control and manipulate people and thereby get adulation from them, as a substitute for the love he never fully received in his formative years.

In 2009, Mr. Agarwal invited me to buy property in the Ashram that was to be built in Goa, India. I excitedly accepted his invitation. Since there were problems in zoning land use laws in India, the project was continually delayed. It was later decided to build an Ashram in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and I was permitted to transfer my interest in a two story cottage there, but for a higher price. In December 2014, I began living at the Ozen Cocom in one of the completed housing units. Although I had some doubts over the years, I trusted him more than I doubted. Otherwise, I would have never made the investment in the Ozen Cocom property that I purchased. His walk was very Zen and magnetic; it seemed at times that he was “floating” when he walked. He could look deep into your eyes with the appearance of great love. His many words transcribed into E-Books appeared to come from the beyond with incredible spiritual depth and height. I lived at the Ozen Cocom from December 2014 until March 2016. Only several weeks prior to my departure did I fully realize that Mr. Agarwal was not an enlightened master and was not in attunement with Osho.

It is highly improbable that I or many others who invested in properties at the Ozen Cocom will ever get our money returned to us, even though we have asked for it to be returned. I was informed by a highly reliable source that Mr. Agarwal, up until June 2016, actually sold 120 individual housing units, which include housing units called cubes, cones, hive cottage suites, star cottages, and hive cottages. He sold one of the star cottage structures, which includes 6 individual housing units to a business man, who is also a sannyasin. In total, there were only 80 individual units left to be sold. This means that Mr. Agarwal purposely and fraudulently oversold 40 individual units over the 80 individual units that were actually available for purchase.

Prior to living at the Ozen Cocom, I began having serious doubts about Mr. Agarwal’s enlightenment. I asked questions to several of his followers in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico about a 19 year old young woman, who I heard was having an affair with him. I was told pictures and videos were taken, while they were having sex together. I was also told two years later these sex pictures and videos were placed on pornographic websites on his behalf by one his followers, using multiple fake profiles, as revenge for her outspoken step-father. After leaving the Ozen Cocom in March 2016, I was also informed that when the 19 year old woman spoke out against Mr. Agarwal upon her return to the Netherlands, he then sent these photographic images and videos to her friends.

When Mr. Agarwal had heard I was inquiring about his sexual affair with this young woman in 2014, he informed me that she had asked for his help because she was having difficulties in the area of sex, mainly because her step-father had molested her at an earlier age. There is, however, no evidence that this is true, other than the words of Mr. Agarwal. He added, he agreed to her request, even though he had been happily celibate for years, because he wanted to help her. He further asked me if I wanted to see the sex video and stated that a little controversy for a guru is a good thing.

In December 2014, when I moved from San Diego, CA to live permanently at the Ozen Cocom, an ongoing serious issue I noticed and was appalled by was Mr. Agarwal’s lack of concern for the safety of the people who lived at the Ozen Cocom. The work schedule at the Ozen Cocom was 10 hours a day 6 days a week, and most of the communal members were working late into the dark night.  For many months, communal members were transported on Sundays from the jungle where the Ozen Cocom was located to Playa Del Carmen to enjoy themselves in the city and the sea as well as to purchase extra food items and personal grooming products. Two old trucks were used for transportation and they frequently were in need of repair. The trucks frequently had flat tires even while travelling high speeds on the freeway. Only cheap, nearly bald tires were bought and used for replacement. In contrast, Mr. Agarwal had two high quality vehicles for his personal use and they always had the best tires.

Around June of 2015 and prior to his moving to the Ozen Cocom from his very plush apartment in Puerta Adventuras, Mexico, Mr. Agarwal became increasingly more controlling and manipulative over the communal members’ lives. For example, one young Spanish woman, who lived at the Ozen Cocom for several months, committed to buying one of the individual housing units. After her departure to the USA, however, she decided that she no longer wanted to purchase a property. Mr. Agarwal arrogantly and childishly directed all the communal members to unfriend her from Facebook because of her indecision. In fact, his instruction to do this was initially communicated through a message written on the kitchen blackboard. When two of the communal members indicated that they did not want to unfriend her, he told them that they would have to leave the Ozen Cocom if they did not unfriend her. They both eventually complied with his request.

Mr. Agarwal increasingly gave more and more authority over the lives of the communal members to one of his highly trusted “followers”, Chinmayo, a man in his mid-20s. Chinmayo eventually was given the authority over all the communal members’ work duties and schedule as well as the authority to enforce communal rules. He frequently yelled, screamed and chastised the communal members while they were working and ordered them around like he was a little dictator but never with me. When I brought the issue of Chinmayo’s yelling at people to Mr. Agarwal at an open communal meeting, he “doubled down” that Chinmayo needed the authority and his actions were justified. About 6 months later, Chinmayo got into an argument with a 65 year old man named Satyam Dyanraj, punched him in the face, pushed him to the ground and then proceeded to climb over him so he could punch him more times in the face. I was told by 4 of the communal members that they grabbed Chinmayo and prevented him from hitting the defenseless man again. I was also informed that Mr. Agarwal told the communal members at a subsequent communal meeting that Satyam Dyanraj was in the wrong; therefore, justifying the beating of a 65 year old man by a man who was in his 20s. I was in the USA for a couple of weeks when Dyanraj was assaulted. Many of the communal members who witnessed the assault were outraged and sickened.

A couple months prior to my departure from the Ozen Cocom in March 2016, Chinmayo was directed by Mr. Agarwal to track and take names of the communal members who did not participate in the 7:00 a.m. morning meditation. Prior to the designated meditation time, he began screaming very loud “Dynamic, “Dynamic, Dynamic,” as a means to wake up or instill fear into those who did not want to go to the morning meditation. Meditation needs to happen from one’s freedom, not as a coercive requirement. More and more the Ozen Cocom was becoming a place of stress, strife, and disrespect of the individual. Since festivals were planned, extra work from the communal members became required and many weeks they worked without a day off and longer work hours. When Mr. Agarwal moved from his apartment to the Ozen Cocom in late 2015, the stress level markedly increased. His two story structure, in the shape of a castle from the outside, included air conditioning, running hot water, internet, two Jacuzzi type baths, curtains with remote control, and many other extravagances throughout his “palace.” This is in sharp contrast to the people at the Ozen Cocom, who lived there with no hot water, limited use of fans for a few hours at night and limited internet hours.

A few weeks before I left the Ozen Cocom in March 2016 two important issues began to weigh heavily on me. First, I ultimately found out the truth about the disappearance of a German communal member, Michael Gerard, who had been living at the Ozen Cocom for 5-months. I was told that he walked into the jungle in September 2015, from a dirt path along the Ozen Cocom, with only a bed sheet in his hand and never was seen again. During the first weeks in September 2015, I was traveling in the USA. When I returned, two of the communal members lied to me about Michael’s whereabouts. I was told he had left to Germany with a girlfriend who he met in Tulum, Mexico.

In April 2016, I found out that Mr. Agarwal had a former communal member lie to Michael’s mother about his disappearance. In May 2016, I was informed that he lied to the German Consulate in Cancun, Mexico, and that he had a meeting with an attorney on how he could best handle Michael’s disappearance. I was also informed that, shortly after Michael’s disappearance, Mr. Agarwal had a meeting with all the communal members at the Ozen Cocom. He told them they would need to lie about Michael’s disappearance or not talk about it to anyone, if they were asked, and NOT to tell me when I returned from my visit to the USA in mid-September 2015. He later told several people individually that they would need to lie about Michael’s disappearance to a former woman resident at the Ozen Cocom, who was then living in Russia and who was in contact with Michael’s mother. Prior to a routine inquiry conducted by the German Consulate in Cancun, Mexico in January 2016, I was informed that Mr. Agarwal ordered Michael’s belongings, which were in one of the housing units that he was living in, to be either burned or destroyed, including his passport, clothes, wallet, cell phone, and other personal items.  Sadly, Michael’s mother did not find out the truth about Michael disappearance until almost one year later from me.

As I previously indicated, after my final departure from the Ozen Cocom in March 2016, I was informed by several people who lived at the Ozen Cocom that Michael’s belongings were later burned or destroyed. I was told that the primarily concern of Mr. Agarwal was that an investigation into Michael’s disappearance could ultimately lead Mexico’s law enforcement officials to discover that people were illegally living on the land at the Ozen Cocom and that there was immigration fraud among some of the communal members. The cover-up of Michael’s disappearance, the lies he told the German Consulate, and the alleged ordering of either destroying or burning of Michael’s belongings is a criminal offense in any country.

As an update, in the summer of this year, I was contacted by a musician who lived at the Ozen Cocom for nearly a year and was good friends with Mr. Agarwal in India. He wants to remain anonymous. They go back a long time together. I was told that Mr. Agarwal gave him one of the property structures on the land for his service to him and the commune, even going as far as signing a contract with him for the property. He reported to me that he and Mr. Agarwal had a falling out and he was told that he could not leave the Ozen Cocom unless he signed a contract given Mr. Agarwal license control over his music. However, this musician was able to escape with the help of a commune member. This same individual reported to me that he had heard from a very good source that Michael Naut committed suicide, and he was found dead in the housing accommodations he lived in on the land of the commune. He further told me his source indicated that Michael’s body was destroyed along with his personal property, including his cell phone and passport.

Since the mother in her statement on this website, reported the names of the musician and the woman who reported to her about Michael’s supposed suicide I include her statement about this issue here: “On May 2, 2017, Ojas Oji called me on Skype along with Joya Marzia. Ojas had lived at the Ozen Cocom for about 1 year and Joya for nearly 2 years. Ojas translated for Marzia, who spoke English but not German. Joya heard from Osho Chinmayo’s girlfriend, Ana Ozen that Michael hung himself in his living quarters, after returning from the jungle. She also said at 3 a.m. in the morning one night, shortly after his disappearance, she had heard very loud footsteps of someone running along the pathway where Michael slept. She stated in the Skype call that later that morning she and another girl were told to collect all Michael’s personal belongings in a bag and give them to Osho Chinmayo.”

The second important issue that came up, two weeks prior to my departure in March 2016 was a talk by Mr. Agarwal to all the members of the Ozen Cocom. In this talk, we were told that there was only one authority at the Ozen Cocom and it was him. He re-emphasized that Chinmayo is in control over them in the Ozen Cocom as far as the commune rules and their work. He continued, telling us this was a dictatorship, not a democracy. Hitler was brought up in the talk. He noted that the German people were mesmerized by Hitler and that is why he had great power. Next, Osho was brought up. He excitedly noted that people would come from all over the world just to be at Osho’s feet and that thousands of people would scream his name Osho, Osho, Osho, over and over again. This crazy monologue lasted nearly 5-minutes. It became obvious to me and to several others that this man’s vision is not for the love of others. It is instead a platform to receive adulation from others.

Moreover, it is relevant to note, I heard Mr. Agarwal say at least 8 times, over the 15 months period I was a resident living in the Ozen Cocom, that he is “a mean mother fucker,” “a mean son-of-a-bitch,” and at least twice in the past two weeks prior to my departure. Translation: Be very careful how you deal with me because I will go after you with a vengeance. Several long time “Rajneesh followers” left the Ozen Cocom, shortly after I decided to leave, and they have no intention of returning to what they perceive as a slave camp and a very out of control, fake guru.

If you have considered going to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico to the Ozen Cocom, beware!  From my perspective, Mr. Agarwal is a narcissistic, fake guru, a criminal, a liar, a con-man, a cheat, a thief, and a sexual predator. Do not buy property from him or loan him money. And, if you have children who are interested in going there, please share this article with them as well as the website dedicated to Michael Naut. Stop this uncaring, manipulative, control freak from doing more harm to innocent people on this planet.


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