A timeline of recent attacks by OZEN Rajneesh and his people

After we published this website, it has had ongoing cyber attacks as well as personal and revengeful attacks on us by the fake guru Rajneesh and his accomplices. It is important to show everyone what extremes he and his cult enforcers will go to maintain their charade of being spiritual beings. The evidence of criminal activities of the dangerous, fake guru Rajneesh and his cult enforcers is extensive and clear. We will not be silenced, and we will continue this mission until he and his followers are held accountable for their criminal and despicable acts.


Latest Attack – January 17, 2018
The predator OZEN and his slave enforcers have recently made a youtube channel for the anonymous girl.  They made and edit her voice recordings and upload them to youtube.  This is the spiritual work him and his goons in ozen cocom have been busy doing.  Destroying the life of the innocent girl simply because she shared her story on this website about the true nature of this psychotic madman.  Her full story here


January 15, 2018
The psychotic predator OZEN Rajneesh have been making fake instagram account to destroy the livelyhood of his victim.  Spreading lies and destroying the young girl’s reputation by tagging her friends and family. Another heartless act of pure revenge by the predator.   This heartless psychopath will stop at nothing to harm the innocents.  Her full story here




 Threats on December 23rd, 2017



They constantly keep sending threats and attacks to the anonymous girl, now threaten to make a porn site of hers and uploading her naked pictures and videos that were filmed in OZEN house without her consent.  These horrific crime are all orchestrated by the predator OZEN.  This heartless psychopath and his gangs deserves to be in prison.

Her full story here






They also threaten the 18 year old virgin girl to get her story taken down from the website otherwise they would launch a porn site they made of her.  Another shameful heartless revenge similar to what OZEN did to her from the very beginning.  Her full story here




A threat sent to everyone who had their stories published on this website.


They first went after SOMA, the secretary for Rajneesh for 8 years.  They threaten her and told her to have her letter be  remove from the website otherwise they will sue her for $100,000.  Her letter can be found at top of this story.



After our site went live, they have been constantly trying to hack into our server to take down the website.


All threats seems to come from Rajneesh right hand man Chinmayo, through his whatsapp, emails and Facebook.
email – omchinmayo@gmail.com
whatsapp – +52 1 984 166 5448



Be aware the email address “OMchinmayo@gmail.com’  is  not from the  slave Chinmayo!  It is used by the Fake himself aka Rajneesh. Many emails he used almost same as his slaves to confuse people! This predator Rajneesh is used to send treats from so many fake email Facebook and other addresses, we experienced through all this years attacking  former friends. Even the ‘Russian Black Cobra Group’ and the ‘Black Magic’ he talks about comes out his Reptilian brains. This are only his bad intentions to scare good lovely people. In case you don’t understand ‘Reptilian Brains’: It are that kind of people without any integrity and human feelings normal people are used to feel.  Psychopaths are not able to recover!
This actors seems to be human but are the opposite!
Rajneesh is typical such a person.

Psychiatrist named this kind of persons ‘psychopaths‘. 

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