The Cult Enforcers Chinmayo and his brother Matreya, Rajneesh right hand men. - Portugal

Chinmayo is Ozen Rajneesh’s “right hand man,” reporting to him on a daily basis. He oversees all the work assignments at the Ashram as well as enforces the rules and expectations for living in the Ashram.  He has been with Ozen Rajneesh for over 8 years.  While living in the Ashram off and on for over 2 years, I saw his daily, ongoing abusive behavior towards both men and women.  On two occasions, he beat up a defenseless 65 year old man because they had a disagreement.  On one specific occasion, he jumped on top of him and kept punching and kicking him until several people pulled him off. His boss Ozen Rajneesh supported these unconscionable assaults on both occasions.

One of Chinmayo’s unofficial jobs is to procure attractive, young girls to live in Ozen Rajneesh’s house.  For example, upon their arrival, he would eventually help them settle into Ozen Rajneesh’s residence. He would prepare their beds and get them comfortable to live with him.  Ozen Rajneesh has brainwashed Chinmayo (and all the people there) to believe that he needs young innocent girls, between the ages of 18 to 22, so he can keep his kundalini energy in his body. In others words by having sexual relations with these young women, he will be able keep his spirit in his body and thereby stay in this earthly plane of existence.

Chinmayo will do whatever Rajneesh Ozen tells him to do, without any hesitation or question.  He would even bury a dead body for him.  Don’t think for a second that we don’t know what you did, Chinmayo.  Your time will come, and when you sit in a prison jail in Mexico for the rest of your life, only then you will finally understand the penalty for you heinous actions.

After we launched this website, they sent an email to 2 of the girls that came forward with their stories.  They made 2 different porn sites, one for each of them, and they posted naked pictures and videos of them up on the site, these pictures and videos must have been made without their consent in OZEN house.  They basically threaten the girls to have their stories taken down from this website otherwise they will launch these porn site.  Another heartless revenge by OZEN, here are the threats from Chinmayo, the slave on behalf of OZEN.


Below is some of the conversation that Chinmayo had sent to one of the Ozen Rajneesh’s ex- girlfriend, who was able to escape the Ashram with the help of her mother.  As you can see, Chinmayo made death threats to her, most likely on behalf of Ozen Rajneesh. Full story can be found here –