After we published this website, it has had ongoing cyber attacks as well as personal and revengeful attacks on us by the fake guru Rajneesh and his accomplices. It is important to show everyone what extremes he and his cult enforcers will go to maintain their charade of being spiritual beings. The evidence of criminal activities of the dangerous, fake guru Rajneesh and his cult enforcers is extensive and clear. We will not be silenced, and we will continue this mission until he and his followers are held accountable for their criminal and despicable acts.

Newsbreak: Major Journal QUEQUI in Cancun /Playa Del Carmen Mexico Exposes Fake Guru, Ozen Rajneesh

English Translation

The Fake Guru Ozen Rajneesh is now being exposed for the predator he is. We are hoping that the Mexican political and police officials in Cancun/Playa Del Carmen Mexico will now act quickly to deal with him. That is, they will act quickly before any other innocent people are victimized by this dangerous and heartless fake guru and the “enforcers” at his cult commune aka Ozen Cocom.

We have recently discovered an 16 page evaluation sheet of OZEN cocoms property done by an evaluation specialist Victor Manuel Serrano Lopez. This document was created on December 7th, 2017. Roughly 1 week after we have launched this website. The above clearly tells us that the fake guru is most likely interested now in selling the property for $17 million US dollars. Unfortunately, if he succeeds in selling the property, he will most likely run away with all the money, giving nothing to no one. This is exactly the very same thing he had performed in GOA some years back. Yes, it now looks as he is just about to do the same in Mexico. If you are a resident owner, please get in touch with the authorities to stop this sale from happening. We care about you, this is what this website is all about. Please stop this greedy criminal from running away with your money and send him to jail once and for all.Thank you for your cooperation.