Swami Rajneesh Fraudulently Selling Property in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

       Swami Rajneesh Fraudulently Selling Property in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

In 2009, Rajnish Agarwal aka Swami Rajneesh invited me to buy property in the Ashram that was to be built in Goa, India. I wrote I was interested and began sending him money for its purchase. The initial price was around $18,000. Since there were problems in land use zoning laws in India, the project was continually delayed. Later it was decided to build an Ashram in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico because of all the delays. The price, however, continued to skyrocket and the cost for the two story cottage that was to be constructed rose to $38,000, which included costs for solar panels and compatible accessories. I made my last payment for this housing unit sometime in the early months of 2015. The housing unit I purchased still has not been completed as of this date.

In December, 2014, I began living in the Ozen Cocom in one of the completed housing units. I lived there off and on until March 2016. Since I came to the unwavering conclusion that Mr. Agarwal was a fake guru, I asked him to sell the property that was sold to me. Proof of my purchase for this property and request for him to sell on my behalf can be read in the private Facebook messages between each other here. Nearly 2 years later I have not received any money for my investment with him.

It is highly improbable that I or many others who invested in properties at the Ozen Cocom will ever get our money returned to us, even though many of us have asked for it to be returned. I was informed by a highly reliable source in May 2016 that Mr. Agarwal sold 120 individual housing units, which included housing units called cubes, cones, hive cottage suites, star cottages, and hive cottages. He sold one of the star cottage structures, which includes 6 individual housing units to a business man, who is also a sannyasin. In total, there were only 80 individual units that had been for sale. This means that Mr. Agarwal purposely and fraudulently oversold 40 individual units over the 80 individual units that were actually available for purchase. Personal testimonies of others who have purchased property at the Ozen Cocom know that it is highly improbable that they will ever get their money returned. 

One of the unfulfilled promises that Mr. Agarwal made to the people, who bought property there at the Ozen Cocom, was they would get rent monies from use of their properties by others when they were not there. However, many, if not all, of the property owners are not getting rental payments from over 25 of his hard-core followers who do not own property and are living there or from people who pay a rental fee to live at the Ozen Cocom when coming to the festivals that are happening on a regular basis.

Aka Swami Akash