The anonymous girl that got attacked by OZEN and receiving death threats in summer of 2017.

I met Swami Rajneesh Agarwal for the first time in Shiva Bar in Tulum, Mexico. A girlfriend at that time introduced us because I was interested in spiritual work and learning more about meditation and yoga as well as attending workshops and ways of reaching higher in the pyramid, to connect with the other world, spiritual world.

In the beginning, Mr. Agarwal spoke a lot about everything and nothing. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, thinking perhaps he has to get to know the person first before sharing deep spiritual teachings. I thought he had interesting energy, so I decided to get to know him by moving to the Ozen Commune meditation center, in Playa Del Carmen, and do his Mystic rose meditation that goes on for 21 days plus the Buddha moon festival that came shortly after for 4 days. It all sounded very interesting, a lot of meditation, yoga, workshops and other things going on, so I happily moved there and waited for it to start.

Mr. Agarwal moves very fast in making decisions, he is clever and cunning in many ways. While at the Ozen Commune, I received a message from a friend saying they need me to take my cats from their place in Mexico City because of a medical emergency. I told Ozen that I had to go to Mexico City to fix the situation. He told me no problem that many of his followers coming from the city take their cats to the meditation center, which is the best environment, free in nature with people that love animals! This sounded good because my cats were suffering being in an apartment; they were more naturally street cats. I didn’t understand then that he was only spinning a web around me. He just wanted me to be with him. I was naive and too innocent to understand. I have met gurus, spiritual leaders, before and none of them demonstrated sexual bodily desires towards me.

To cut to the main part of the story, he started offering small gifts to my friends and to me, so it became easier to accept him as a kind person. Then he started gifting me even bigger, more expensive gifts. He gave me a choice of any meditation cabin I wanted, even wanting to provide papers for my signing to show ownership. I asked him why and he said because it’s a friendly welcoming. He added and kept saying that I had this amazing purple energy around me that was powerful enough to take over the meditation center, and I could speak from his chair; and he repeated that I am the next one, the women Buddha, the next guru in that center. I was too easily fooled by his vibe, it is like you turn blank and confused, not connected to your higher self. He for sure has some intense strong energy but run by dark forces and he is a master in convincing people, pro in lying.  He fooled me into thinking that cause as a child I had seen the “unseen world” very clear, along with been able to have 2 friends seen it with me (since my energy was for long time transmitting into theirs and vice versa) but it stopped for few years, cause i got scared and blocked myself. Up until 5 years ago, I started seeing very little of energies again, the aura of people and the souls around them. Because of these life experiences I was more easily convinced by Ozen that I had good energy, especially since many different people have told me the same thing over the years.

About 1 or 2 days before the mystic rose meditation started, Ozen started convincing me to sign papers, saying that he was going to gift me 15% ownership into Ozen Cocom property. I told him I preferred to meditate on it and sign after Buddha festival, if I still feel that was a good decision on my part. He manipulated me to do it before then and even started threatening that he would ruin me by sending me bad vibes and somehow ruin my reputation, if I refused. He had then given me a energy stone massage and kundalini opening massage, which he used saying that when he opened my kundalini he got in there too.  After the 21 days just before Buddha moon festival, I wanted to walk away, and I told him I wanted to go to the notaries to cancel the process. He started threatening that he would kill my family and I, that he has highly trained people that have already done jobs for him before. He further told me that he had someone murdered in the meditation center. How he said it made me understand he meant it and all in front of his main slave Chin mayo, that didnt seem surprised, like hes had to deal alot with this. He acted like a total lunatic at that moment. True devils soul came out. He didn’t let me leave, saying that i need to value him and that we had to discuss many things. Because i was scared to step out of his house and be murdered so i listened to what he had to say till late at night.

I was scared, not able to speak to anyone about this matter, cause i didnt know who was loyal to him. I was making plans to run away, slowly getting my passport and few of my things out of his house, leaving my beautiful cats and all my things behind. Ozen wanted to give me big diamond ring for the ring finger but i told him that looks like engagement ring, that i cant take it but he asked which finger i would like to have a ring, i told him preferable index finger so he gave me a diamond ring in the middle of mystic rose. When i told him im leaving he wanted that and everything else back (even used cream), which i did but since i didnt leave that moment he gave the ring back to me and i had to run away with it cause it would be obvious if i left it in his house.  It wasn’t safe to be there anymore, full of brainwashed lunatics controlled by Ozen. Looking into Chinmayo eyes, being fully under Ozen’s command, you could not see any light in there. Alongside with all people that stay there i saw the light slowly leaving them. Trying to cut through the story, everything on stage that Ozen said he didn’t live by. People don’t have love for Ozen, they are scared of him. The whole energy in the Ozen Commune is very strange, sucks out your light and i understand that he’s only a criminal, threatening people, not giving people back their money, a thief and a liar! Pretending to be a saint with all this history is already a crime, not to mention all his theft, murders and peoples lives he destroyed.

After I left the Ozen Commune, Ozen tried to call me 30x a second, I couldn’t even turn off my phone! He made his main cult leader, Chinmayo, write a lot of shit texts to me along with death threats to me and my family, saying he has all our information and that the owner of Black Cobra commando service is his loyal disciple and treats him like god so he will do anything for him like causing real harm to me, like killing me. I shared the whole conversation with Dao who also got betrayed by him along with many others. People want to trust a guru; they don’t expect a fake con artist! He had given me a ring and other things and then asked for the ring back; otherwise, I was told, I would be facing Black cobra commando agents. I made sure the ring got back to him, once it did he told me to give all the rest that was given by him. On stage, he said to a guy that had told him he had given his ex-girlfriend everything and that he feels so bad to have spent so much on her and that it’s just over… Ozen told him not to feel bad, giving is the best thing to do and he should give more to his next girlfriend without expectations or wanting it back. I only write this to show his hypocrisy.


The slave Chinmayo sending death threats on behalf of OZEN


After we published this story, the predator ozen and his cult enforcers have been constantly attacking the young lady by making fake instagram accounts as well as creating a youtube channel and uploading private photos and videos of her and tagging all her friends and family.  Revenge is in this predators blood, and he will do anything to destroy the innocent girl.  A true psychotic madman.





You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.