Let my honor and love shine, this is my story - Dao Nguyen, Canada

My name is Dao Nguyen and this is the first part of my story. The second part of my story follows, which describes what it was like to live in the slave commune in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico called Ozen Cocom.

Part 1 – Losing the Love of my Life

I had lived and worked in the Ozen commune since January 2015.  For almost 3 years I was committed to this commune, there were times where I personally cooked dinner and brought it to Ozen Rajneesh and shared a meal with him in his house. My love and devotion for him was total, and this devotion eventually would lead to my demise and downfall. You will see, however, it ultimately became a blessing to my life.

One of the most beautiful moments of my life was when I met my wife in Ozen commune around July 2016.  For a year and half, I was walking on cloud 9.  I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful love. I am truly blessed to have experienced the love that is beyond anything that I had ever felt. Still to this day, my love for her is unconditional.  

We got married, twice, once in the Ozen commune in a Mayan ceremony and the second time through the traditional Catholic Church in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.  We had big dreams to travel the world, to start a new family, but somehow Life had other plans. After our second wedding, she kept insisting that we should start our new life together outside of the commune, but stupidly I didn’t listen to her.  We fought many times over this issue and she did everything that she could, trying to pull me out of the cult Ozen commune.  She would beg, cry, plead, but my mind was completely trapped, clouded, and I could not escape this commune.  One day, when I get the chance, I will apologize to her for making the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life, for not listening to her. Stupidly, I kept telling her just a few more months, or at least until you finish your project with Ozen Rajneesh or other excuses.

After the wedding, Ozen Rajneesh gave us a wedding gift. The deal was that he would give us a residential Cone in the commune, if we stayed for one year and that my wife would finish a series of Tantric paintings for him.  At the time we thought it was a great deal, so we decided to jump on it.  One thing I have learned through this experience is to never make a deal with the devil, and I found that out the hard way by losing the most precious thing in my life, my beautiful wife.

Looking back now, he had his eyes on her from the very beginning.  Everything that he did was in many ways was to get closer to her. They would have meetings together at his house in the night time. Sometimes I would go with her, and sometimes she would be alone.  He would even sometimes joke to her and say how come he’s always here, referring to me.  Of course I never thought too much of it, he was my master and I completely trusted him. I was a fool.

The first few months when they started to work on the Tantric painting project together, things became very stressful for her.  She would finish a painting and he would always criticize her work, always negative, from this part is not good, where is the tantric emphasis, the penis is too small, this shading is off.  Sometimes I wondered if he really knew what the hell he was talking about or truly knew what he was doing.  She frequently became very frustrated, and she was never happy with herself while painting; she put so much pressure on herself to satisfy his needs. She was completely consumed by this project.  This should have been a big red flag for me. So, I place the entire blame on myself for not being able to see the truth and to be able to protect her from this monster, predator.

The last month we were together was tremendously difficult. We constantly argued and fought; all she was thinking about was her paintings. She was so consumed in it that we rarely made time for each other anymore.  Day and night she was consumed in her tantric paintings. Thinking back, she was completely possessed by the energy that Ozen Rajneesh was sending her, because Tantra is such a powerful energy: it is your life force.  There would be times when she awoke in the morning while I was still asleep, and she would angrily hit me because I was not hugging her in our sleep.  Her intensity was out of control. She would physically hit me when she got angry, and, when she finished, she would hit herself, sometimes hitting her head against the wall. I always had to jump on her to stop her from hurting herself. It was a complete madness. There would be times when I would hold her and she would cry for hours and hours.  There was a time when she was in so much pain that while holding her all the pain transferred to my body. The next thing I knew I am laying in the bathroom grasping for air and then she became the one taking care of me. We were very connected beyond our physical bodies.

One day out of the blue, she told me she was tired and she wanted a break from me, and that she wanted to move out of our place together at the commune. I told her that I know the last few weeks were difficult that we can get through this, so let’s talk.  However, it was really difficult to get through to her.  She was now like a completely different person and communications between us become impossible. I begged and I pleaded for her to stay, but she already made up her mind. At 5am one morning, she used a flash light in the dark to pack her bags and belongings.

After she finished packing, she moved out to another residential house and stayed with a friend.  I was tremendously hurt, since for the past year and a half we had never once separated, we were inseparable. The very same morning after she left me, I felt like I needed to be away from the commune, perhaps, I thought, maybe it was better to give her a little space and distance that she asked for, and, for myself, to find a peace of mind.  So I grabbed my bag of belongings and I walked out of the commune. I really didn’t know where I was going, but I just felt like I didn’t want to be there at this moment.  Even though I had no money, and have no idea where I was going to end up, I just started walking out of the jungle.  There was a car that was leaving and driving out of the jungle and a man picked me up. We started talking and connecting, and he asked me where I was going and I told him for the first time I had no clue. Then, as luck or my dharma would have it, he invited me to his place. The next thing you know he’s driving me straight to the airport and buying me a plane ticket to go to Guadalajara with him, such a beautiful soul, thank you  KOKE, my brother.  Life is such a beautiful mystery! I spent 2 weeks in a beautiful resort that he owns, riding horses, eating at fancy restaurants, and chilling at a jacuzzi all day.  As much fun as I was having, I really missed my wife. I needed to see her.

Going back to the cult commune after 2 weeks, I could have never anticipated what was going to happen.  The moment I came back everyone was completely against me, they didn’t want to talk to me, and nobody wanted to tell me where my wife was, they all give me the impression like I dont belong here.  I felt such a weird vibe from everyone there, and I asked Matireya, one of Ozen Rajneesh’s trusted slaves, if he had seen my wife, but he wouldn’t tell me. He told me that I should have never left without telling them. As I was walking around looking for my wife, I decided to go and say hi to Ozen Rajneesh. When I knocked on his door, I said it’s Dao.  I then heard a loud voice screaming behind the closed door.  “What the hell are you doing here, get the fuck out of here, do you think this is a hotel that you can come and go as you please.”  I could not believe what was happening. As I ran back to the kitchen, I saw my wife already on the kitchen phone talking to Ozen Rajneesh. He had already got to her before I saw her. I waited for a minute, and when she hung up the phone after speaking with him, she walked away from me.  I walked towards her and asked if we can talk privately somewhere. During this time, there were probably at least a dozen people in the kitchen, all witnessing this drama as it goes down. In this moment, it seemed to me that I was their entertainment; unbelievable, such beautiful group of people I had surrounded myself with.  She looked at me and said no, that she did not want to be alone with me. I could not believe who I was looking at. I could no longer see the soul of a woman I fell in love with. I kept insisting that we should talk privately, and she kept saying no!!  For at least the next 15 minutes, we were just staring at each other.  During this time, I noticed she was standing next to a guy, name Marco, and I asked her, “are you with him,” and she nodded affirmately.  In this moment, my heart shattered into a million pieces. I could not believe what was happening.  As I was looking at her, I saw that her face muscle was twitching all over the place, as if she wanted to cry, but was trying so hard to hold in the tears. I then grabbed her hand, pulled her into me, gave her a hug, and said goodbye and walk out of the commune in the middle of the night.

For the two weeks that I was away, this devil, Ozen Rajneesh, completely orchestrated and betrayed my trust and turned the entire commune against me as well as completely brainwashing Zitta against me. This was his golden moment to go after the very woman that I love, when she was at her weakest and most vulnerable state; when her husband was no longer by her side. This was the time he believed that he could take her away from me.  Looking back now, I don’t blame her for doing what she did, moving on with Marco. She had to, the poor girl is in the jungle, all alone, with this predator.  She needed protection. The most important thing for me was to know that she is safe from the predator Ozen Rajneesh.  If she was alone, he would have succeeded, and, if that happened, I would have never been able to forgive myself.

My story is not about personal revenge. Instead it about my heartfelt desire to prevent future harm by the fake guru, Ozen Rajneesh, to all the people I left behind and others to come. I recall a period in my life for over a year when I spent countless hours listening to Osho discourses. I listened to at least 2500 hours of his discourses in that time span. I probably listened to every single audio tape that was available at oshoworld.com. The wisdom that I had attained from Osho words and his inspiration was necessary for my spiritual growth and, most importantly, for me to have the courage to help take down this fraud, who claims to be Osho successor.  Osho is the real master and this fraud Ozen Rajneesh has built his entire “empire” on Osho’s name. Anyone who claims to be Osho must be stopped. The time has come for this darkness in the like of Ozen Rajneesh to disappear from this world.

A wise man once said, the world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. Accordingly, I refuse to do nothing and look the other way. This fake guru, Ozen Rajneesh, must be stopped before his treachery, sexual abuse, thievery and criminal activities spreads any further, harming more people, including his blind followers currently in the Ozen commune slave camp. There comes a time when a man must take a position that is not safe, calculating or popular; he must take a courageous position because his conscience informs him it is right thing to do. I along with Akash Anant and many others have collaborated and have contributed to the overall effort of this website. I am sure there will be many more to come.

Blessings and benedictions to all, only love….


Part 2 – My Day to Day Life in the Slave Camp Called Ozen Cocom

The people at the Ozen Cocom commune work tirelessly and live in dire inhumane circumstances. There were times we would work for 5 weeks and not get a single day off.  It more aptly can be described as a slave camp with a cult mentality, rather than a spiritual commune. There were times that we started work in the morning and continued through the entire night. Ozen Rajneesh would push our bodies to the limits, and nutritious and healthy dietary food was in short supply.  In the past 3 years I lived there, the staple food was beans and rice.  At lunch time there would be a big pot of boiled beans with white rice, one day would be black beans, the next day would be lentil beans, and another day would be chickpeas. Dinner usually included some potatoes, carrots with white rice.  The food served probably was no better than prison food; no flavor, very bland. It was the worst food I have ever eaten on a daily basis. Those who had money would buy their own groceries and cook their own food because what was served there was so horrible. Our food budget in the kitchen was between 5000 to 7000 pesos per week, i also worked in the kitchen, which was budgeted to feed 30 plus people. 

We used generators and solar grids for power in our commune, but we weren’t allowed to use any electricity, not even a fan. We were warned by Chinmayo, Ozen Rajneesh’s right arm man, that if we caught using an electric fan, we would be kicked out, because all the electricity is reserved for the use at Ozen Rajneesh’s house. The overall living conditions at the Ozen Cocom commune were pathetic; we were told that money was in short supply. However, in contrast you see Ozen Rajneesh buying diamonds and jewelry for the young attractive women who he preyed upon. He lives in a castle like home on the Ozen Cocom commune with all the luxuries, including solar air conditioning and heating, Jacuzzi in his bathroom, refrigerator, microwave, washer and dryer, expensive overhead and standalone fans on both floors of the house, high speed internet, and the best of food. This man, Ozen Rajneesh, is an egotistical, predatory narcissistic, psychopath who only cares about himself.

Ozen Rajneesh sometimes at night would focus on “liking” young women’s Facebook posts, including their pictures. He has had a long history of being a sexual predator. He has had several accomplices help procure women for him. One Russian man, Atmo, who lives at the commune would help find him young innocent girls on Facebook, preferably ages 18 to 22.  Ozen Rajneesh would buy the women’s plane tickets, and they would move into his house. He then would try to seduce these women and try to get them to fall in love with him, brainwashing them to think he is a living master.  Normally two things happen within a month or two, either the young woman refuses his sexual advances and runs away (if she was smart…good job Oksana) or she falls for his trap and then once he’s bored with her, he would kick her out (Leike).

This had been Ozen Rajneesh’s pattern for years. He no doubt is a sexual predator. A few months ago, he was dating and attempting to seduce a young woman, Brenda. The poor girl was innocent and naïve; didn’t know any better. When her mother came and saw what was happening, she quickly took her daughter away from the commune.  The very same day, he called in another girl, Kristina, and he asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend. She told him she was in love with one of my good friends, Tyce. 

My best friend for 15 years, Parvez, turned against me because Ozen Rajneesh told him to do so, even though I was going through one of the toughest time of my life. Ozen Rajneesh also convinced my wife, who lives in the commune, to stop talking to me.  He was able to brainwash them both not to even speak with me during one of the most difficult times of my life. This man has complete control over the minds of most of the people that live there. It is a dangerous cult, not a spiritual commune. Beware!

Ozen Rajneesh is a complete fraud. I have yet to meet a more evil man than him in this world.  I was completely blinded by my own belief in him as a living master, and I have suffered great consequences because of this belief. However, I refuse to be scared or silent. I believe that people should be held accountable for their actions. My hope is to bring justice for all those who have suffered because of the fraudulent, criminal and predatory actions of the fake guru, Ozen Rajneesh. I hope that Mexican government eventually imprisons him and shuts down this slave camp a.k.a. the Ozen Cocom commune.